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The World's best selling light weight book holders, Gimble Traveller & Gimble Original pages easily turned, fits all popular books sizes it's unique patented V shape creates a more pleasurable reading experience without damaging your book Gimble book holder, Gimble Traveler, Book Accessories, Book Holder, Gimble paperback book holder, Page Holder, Book. Book Rest, Book Accessory, Arthritis, Disabled accessory, Amazon, Waterstones, Barns & Noble, Borders, Book Depository, Book Swap. book Mark, page mark, magnifier, Perfect gift, Best seling book holder World's most successful, get One pack FREE Offer, the perfect present for Friends & Family Over 2,000,000 readers are enjoying using their Gimble - Book Holder the only product to work with paperback books, fitting easily around the outside of your book holding it open......yet pages are easily turned Perfect Christmas Present Gimble Paperback Book Holder Easily slipped around the outside of the paperback book, keeping it open at the perfect angle, yet pages are easily turned. freeing your hand or hands whilst reading Supplied in two sizes in a pack to cover the most popular books up to 40mm thick A 175mm B 195mm, Easy to use and lightweight, can also be used as a book mark The only book holder to successfully work with paperback books due ti it's unique V shaped designed not to damage the spine, holding your book open at the perfect reading angle. Telescopic, Collapsible Book Holder Most of us take for granted holding a book open but for the elderly, arthritic and disabled this can cause pain and even be impossible. This amazing piece of design and engineering can hold all Hardback and Paperback books open in both flat and in a natural V shaped position, whilst holding the pages down yet the pages are still easily turned, the arms are also separable and can be attached to the Hardback of books to be used independently of the folding support section and pateted through out the world The holder can be folded down to pocket size and is easily usable by the elderly and arthritic 8 Million people are registered Arthritic sufferers in the UK 10.8 Million people are registered Disabled sufferers in the UK 22.4 Million people are registered Arthritic sufferers in the USA. 69.8 Million people are registered Disabled sufferers in the USA. UK Patent has been granted and a World Wide Patent is in force So simple, they really work
Sold in pairs to cover the most popular sizes Fits books with spine up to 40mm thick So if you've got a book get a Gimble
for a more pleasurable reading experience! Book will free stand Saves your place View 2 pages Hand friendly Book friendly No moving parts Very lightweight Unique V shape Perfect reading angle Neutral colour Easy to use Delivery 3 days Marks your page Perfect Reading Accessory Per Pair The only product to work successfully with Paperback Books Spine friendly Paperback Book Holder How often when reading, would you like your paperback book to stay open without having to hold ityet turn pages with easeLEAVING YOUR   HANDS FREE increasing reading pleasure for anyone, anywhereincreasing profits for youSelling in all UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, SpainDescribed as a regular seller Saves your pageView 2 pages Hand friendlyBook friendlyNo moving partsVery lightweightUnique V shapeNeutral colourEasy to usePerfect reading angleBook will freestandSo simple, they really workSold in pairs to cover the most popular sizes.ITS BOOKS WITH SPINE UP TO 40mm THICK minimum order only 27 packs per boxPackaged in a lightweight distinctive shaped clam shell designed to fit in aC4 envelope foreasy low cost mailing OPTIONALStainless steel freestanding POS holds 12 packsOnly 16.5cm footprint Please follow the instructions on the reverse of the pack placing ON YOUR BOOK Open to your page then slip the thick side under the larger arm, marked RIGHT then slip the remainder under the smaller arm marked LEFT and position centrally. To turn a page Simply ease the page from immediately under the arm using your finger, turn and slip it under the other arm Continue reading until you reach the middle of the book, then turn your Gimble through 180 degrees so it works in reverse and carry on to the end of the book...enjoy